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Original price was: $5,500.00.Current price is: $5,000.00.

Gloryhole adult tube Niche website

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Hillarious, bizarre sounding yet sexy and exotic. Nobody can forget this domain name after hearing it once.


Does it get better than this? No, no it does not.

Fetish Buffet

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3D Fantasy & Fetish Friendly Portrait Art

No matting, No framing.  Museum & Gallery quality.  Entire collection of 15, $1,200 usd.  Single purchase, $100 USD.  Includes shipping.  USA orders only.  Other multiple purchases discussed in e mails. For quick reference, here is the url:

******Presently, there are 15 entries in this group, two idea cards and adult-oriented podcast samples.  The latter to be added as time permits.   DO NOT……REPEAT…..DO NOT AFIX THESE OUTDOORS OR ANYPLACE DIRECT LIGHT OF ANY KIND OF ARTIFICIAL LIGHT WILL BEAT DOWN UPON IT.  THEY WILL START TO FADE OVER TIME.  


Now offering Podcast episodes for direct sale for your adult or adult related platforms.  G rated adult memoirs.  The best stories from the vaults of sin and depravity, all told with a bare minimum of four letter words and NO F BOMBS.  So, you know it has to be entertaining as all hell.  Take a look at some highlights below and see if some sardonic humor can brighten your day:  Contacts:   text 334-721-5774

*******But we lead off with “Custom Blending” of our liquor.  Just like Sunoco blends their gasoline, we blended our gasoline to save thousands of dollars and “take the edge off”.  This enabled the girls to drink more and get the patrons to buy those few extra drinks, it all adds up.*****************************


1.  Losing my oral virginity to a girl so much bigger than me that the two of us, standing side by side, looked like the number 10.
2.  Becoming so addicted and obsessed with bottoms – that I taught girls how to play “Mumbleypegs” just so we could play for a “Ham.”
3. Getting a job in an adult theater, the ambiance, that stink of porno filth, the rest, as they say, is history.  Walking the aisles, as an “usher/security” person, with the managerial orders to expel people from the theatre who were “rustling the racing forms on their laps”.  After they purchased the “pussy finder” in the vending machine.
4. The first trip to the burlesque theater, the first woman I saw “put on her clothes”, this was legit art of its day.  Her name was “Asil” which is Lisa spelled backwards, that should give you a clue.
5.  The first of two homicides I was peripherally involved in.  Originated at a public swimming hole and I still get chills telling it 50 years hence.  First cousin of “Mumbleypegs.”
6.  Compensating Vice and their assigns so we could shut down the bar at any time to give “VIP live sex shows” on stage (no such thing as cabaret licenses back then, unless you had a juice bar.)
7.  The murder trial of Anthony Apanovich, he a stalker of our dancers.  Convicted of killing a midwife, your host was a witness and on the record of working for “big dick” incorporated.  
8.  How about “The Weasel” along with “The Ferret,” “Limburger Lizz”  Capri (we changed her name to Bonnie-Ville-Carr, and our roadie to Bizarre Video in Brooklyn NY
(your narrator took a golf club to the groin, all for the sake of fine art)
9.  “Legend of Glue Head Debbie”—a dancer, who worked once a week and each time hustled over 100 drinks in a seven hour shift.  
10.  After one of our “locked door” parties, I kept vigil at the emergency room of a local hospital.  Things got a bit out of hand you see.
11.  “Mr. Freeeze and his penchant for Boston Cream Pies.”
12. The Rug in the Bug on the Rug in TN.  And a visit from the Sheriff and his Goon Squad.  
13.  “Dr. Sherman’s Enema Clinic” with distention, ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak…… and this time “the shit really hit the fan.”
14.   Separated shoulder during a nude mud wrestling show (but the girls were not wrestling in mud)
15.  An associate Dean of Philosophy at a major university who wore the ladies’ workout uniforms, AFTER they worked out and went for round 2 and beyond.  Filmed for his private collection.
Also skilled with video edits, live commercial reads, narrations, writing text for spots & any content you have that needs some enhancement.  I am “The Voice of Pod.”  Go to You Tube and type in “John Facenda NFL Films” and enjoy some of his narrations.  He was “The Voice of God,” the similarities will be apparent.


1.5 year old adult tube site