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High level .com domain name low competition and high search volume.


Moz Domain Authority

Domain Authority: 57

Linking Domains: 159

Inbound Links 1.3k


Domain Details

Domain category: Entertainment — Adult

SLD: SexBo

Keywords: sex bo

Language: english – 37.00%

TLDs Taken: .COM .NET .ORG

Avg Search Results (keyword):190,000

Avg Search Results (sld):60,300

Average Monthly Searches: 1073

Average Cost Per Click: $0.05 USD

Average Ad Competition: low


Descriptive domain name available well below Estibot valuation


Have a Sex with Pleasure


Create an Adult site for the best domain name think it.





Anyone who buys this domain for $ 2200 (slightly negotiable) will be offered two free and domains, ie three domains at the same price. If you create a site that will work for this domain and redirect the other two domains, you will get the customer related to this.

If anyone wants this look, he should contact me directly, Thank you



Domain Details

Domain category: Entertainment — Adult

Popular keyword: baby is a widely used keyword.

Memorable: is easy to remember.

SLD: BabyFuck

Keywords: baby fuck

Language: English – 99.99%

TLDs Taken: .COM .NET .ORG

Avg Search Results (keyword): 88,400

Avg Search Results (sld): 23,000

Overture (keyword): 291

Word Tracker (keyword): 146

Average Monthly Searches: 9963

Average Cost Per Click: $0.36 USD

Average Ad Competition: medium Domain Appraisals and Fairness Opinions

Appraisal Value: $1,800.00

Godaddy Estimated Value: $1,602

FreevaluatoEstimated Value: $ 2,155.90

Estibot Appraisal Value:$1800




The DNI Score is the sum of the individual scores a domain receives for the attribute values described above (Domain Attributes, Market and Commercial). It is based on a 1-100 scale with 1 being the lowest and 100 the highest. Appraisal values are primarily determined based on this score. They do not take into consideration unknown factors such as traffic volume, parking revenue, and other forms of monetization.


Moz Domain Authority

Domain Authority: 57

Linking Domains: 171

Inbound Links 1.4k

Think adult-related site think or you may think out of the box!

Or  Baby’s Toys

Domain Name Appraisal and DNI Score


Domain Name Index (DNI) Score: 50

Domain Name’s Appraisal Value: $1,711.00

Appraisal and DNI Score Analysis

Every domain name is unique. While the ultimate value of a domain is determined by the final price that a buyer and seller agree upon, many people wish to obtain a greater understanding of a particular domain’s inherent value.

With this in mind, Afternic has created an unparalleled and proprietary Domain Name Index Scoring & Monetary Valuation System. This appraisal includes both an Index Score and Monetary Valuation, based on domain valuation data from our 17 years of experience in buying and selling domain names.

The domain name you have submitted for appraisal has been reviewed, measured and ranked across multiple criteria by our domain valuation experts. With each appraisal metric we benchmark using similar domain sales and current listing prices. Each domain is categorized and measured versus the known valuation of other similar domains and given a Domain Name Index Score (DNI) and monetary appraisal value.

The DNI score is comprised of the following value metrics: the Domain Attributes Value, the Market Value and the Commercial Value.


Melhor domínio Tranny

Adult domains; creative ideas

adult domains for creative entrepreneurs/investors

Highly searched keyword with traffic coming mainly from Usa, Australia, Uk and Canada – WP Script

The Perfect Domain To Crush Your Script & SAAS Competition


domain. name



$1,999.97 is the domain to visit if you are thinking pictures and videos of the Princesses, or if the queen is more your speed this works perfectly for that as well!


Hillarious, bizarre sounding yet sexy and exotic. Nobody can forget this domain name after hearing it once.


Does it get better than this? No, no it does not.




Captivating domain priced below Estibot appraisal.








Great domain for building a successful adult business. The offer includes entire stripteasehub domain family: .co .net .info .club etc

Revenue Details

The site has few members which generates around 100$ per month. We just make around couple of days advertisement to the site and from that time it generates this amount.


Premium Adult dot com domain